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  Function and features

1) Long flight time .
2) Stability.
3) Simple operation .
4) Easy to use.

  Warranty time

Warranty,Please keep the origina factory document.

  About us

 LotusRC Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shenzhen Eagle remote sensing technology company, engaged in police, military UAV development and sales, have direct cooperation, sales and service relationship with the Guangdong Armed Police Corps, Qingdao Armed Police Corps, Snow Leopard Commando and so on.

2008 Eagle separated from becoming the first in the multi-rotor research and development, production companies.

2011 became the first company to offer combat troops to rescue multi-rotor UAV and UAV CCTV broadcast business.

2011 became the first ground station for foreign sales with handheld configurable multi-rotor UAV business.

2012 became the first company in Hunan Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a strategic cooperation agreement on UAVs UAV business.

2013 was the first company and universities (Chengdu Institute of Technology, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Xihua University, Sichuan Institute of Information) cooperation to establish a "multi-rotor UAV Laboratory" UAV business.

2014 became the first national government (Hunan government) cooperation in agricultural spraying of multi-rotor UAV field experiments and written materials UAV government enterprises.

2015 became the first country to obtain government (Shenzhen) Agricultural UAV  projects to support business innovation.

2015 became the first and Chengdu Branch of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Cooperation UAV UAV project business.

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